District Cooling &Tri-generation Summit

23 November 2014

Saudi Arabia power supply demands are raising over 55,000 MW range, with a 48,000 MW deliverable capacity. And since 71% of this power supply is integrated for conventional air conditioning systems across the industrial, residential and commercial sectors of Saudi Arabia. Large capital investments, power shortages, limited resources and utilities system failures during peak summer periods are raising concerns to project stakeholders to develop energy efficient, cost saving and mostly, more sustainable air conditioning system across all main and active provinces of Saudi Arabia. District Cooling & Tri-Generation Systems is the feasible solution to the Kingdom’s challenge.

Saudi Tabreed as one of the main stakeholders in the industry participated in the summit in Riyadh on the 23rd and 24th November, 2014, to have direct networking opportunity to meet with decision makers in the Power sectors and developers.

JODCP in operation - Jabal Omar District Cooling Plant (JODCP)

01 September 2014

Saudi Tabreed was selected to develop 55,000 Ton district cooling systems for Jabal Omar Development Company in July 2011. Saudi Tabreed was selected to design, construct, finance, own, operate and maintain DC plant on BOOT basis to supply cooling services to Jabal Omar Development. After several years of construction and 247 following up by high qualified contractors and suppliers, and in particularly in Sep. 2014 ST achieved the target date to supply chilled Water to Jabal Omar Project.

The commissioning capacity was 25,000 TR, and in the same year an additional capacity 10,000 TR was requested to be added to the existing capacity. Gradual expansion will take place until reaching to the 55,000 Ton.

DCP in operation - Dhahran District Cooling Plant – ARAMCO

01 February 2013

Saudi Tabreed is proud to announce the full operation of its ARAMCO DC Scheme, After 3 years of continues work with Consultants, contractors and DC equipment suppliers the Commissioning of 27,000 TR at Dhahran District Cooling Plant – ARAMCO was achieved in Feb. 2013.

The Plant Cooling Capacity is 25,000 Ton, 8 York Centrifugal chillers with 2,500 Ton each, and 7,000 ton from Thermal Storage Tank (20,000 Chillers + 7,000 TES), The 15 Km pipe network from the DCP is on the other hand serving the office complex, communities, hospital and data centers with 11 Energy Transfer Stations (ETS)

STOM the Saudi Tabreed Operation and Maintenance Company is the Operation and maintenance arm of ST, is handling the O&M for the 23 years period.

Saudi Tabreed is selected to develop the district cooling systems for Jabal Omar Development in Makkah in a BOT basis for an estimate of SAR 500 millions

31 July 2011

Saudi Tabreed is selected to develop the district cooling systems for Jabal Omar Development Company huge project adjusting to the Holy Mosque in Makkah from west. Saudi Tabreed is selected on a basis of BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) which will include development, design, finance and build the central cooling plant linked with a network of chilled water with capacity of 55,000 ton refrigerant. The agreement between Saudi Tabreed and Jabal Omar for Development to operate the district cooling systems for 20 years with an expected cost of SAR 500 millions. The final agreements are in the last stage between the two companies and the signing will be held very soon.

The board member and managing director of Saudi Tabreed Mr. Rasheed Al Rasheed said on this occasion “The selection of Saudi Tabreed among other competitive proposals for this project reflects the keenness for the environment by Jabal Omar Development in Makkah through reducing the consumption of power used for chillers and air conditioning by 50% comparably to traditional systems which will lead to reduction of CO₂ emissions which is a leading factor for the global warming”.

Mr. Al Rasheed also expressed that Saudi Tabreed is proud to work together with a reputable national company where Jabal Omar Development company executives and engineers exerted high professionalism during the discussions prior to the selection of Saudi Tabreed for this project which stresses Jabal Omar Development company eager to involve the Saudi private sector to develop the ambitious projects the company is promoting.

Saudi Tabreed is a closed joint company founded in 2005 with a paid up capital of SAR 316 millions and majority is owned by ACWA Holding which is a leading infrastructural developer in many areas specializing in power and water. The other key shareholder of Saudi Tabreed is National Central Cooling Company UAE, Tabreed, which is a public listed company in Dubai Financial Stock Market and considered the largest company in this field.

Saudi Tabreed is proud of its achievements in the past as it was selected for the large and important district cooling projects in Saudi Arabia. Last year, Saudi Tabreed signed with Saudi Aramco to provide the district cooling systems for Saudi Aramco office complex in Dhahran. Earlier this year, Saudi Tabreed signed the district cooling systems for King Abdullah Financial District with Rayadah Investment Company (the real estate arm for the Saudi Public Pension Agency). Saudi Tabreed founded the first specialized company for operations and maintenance of district cooling plants and systems adapting the latest engineering and technical methods. Also, Saudi Tabreed is in the final stage of establishing a specialized company in Makkah for the development of district cooling services to serve the large real estate projects in Makkah and a full and dedicated team for operations and maintenance will be residing in Makkah to operate and maintain the district cooling plant and the chilled water network.

Saudi Tabreed Achieves Financial Closure of SAR 1.84 Billion Project to Provide District Cooling to Saudi Aramco

03 May 2010

Saudi Tabreed celebrated the financial closure of the SAR 1.84 Billion District Cooling Project with Saudi Aramco on BOO basis. The project has been financed by Banque Saudi Fransi and is first of its kind in KSA, being done on a limited recourse project-financing basis. Under the project, Saudi Tabreed shall develop, own and operate a District Cooling System to provide cooling services to Saudi Aramco’s office complex in Dhahran area.

Saudi Tabreed shall design, construct, finance, own, operate and maintain a centralized cooling plant and a network to supply chilled water to the Saudi Aramco buildings with a cooling capacity of 27,000 Tons expandable to 32,000 Tones Refrigeration under a 25 Year concession.

The agreement between Saudi Aramco and Saudi Tabreed was signed on February 21st, 2010. Commenting in the occasion, Mr. Mohammed Bin Abdullah Abunayyan, Chairman of Saudi Tabreed stated that “This project reflects the keenness of Saudi Aramco to protect the environment. By using a district cooling system, which consumes almost half the electrical energy consumption as compared to that for traditional methods of cooling, and thus would help reducing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and its impact on global warming”.

Mr. Abunayyan also highlighted that it was of immense pride for Saudi Tabreed to be working on developing the project for an internationally acclaimed company such as Saudi Aramco. He stated that the representatives of Saudi Aramco showed immense professionalism during the discussions and finalization of the Project. This also reflected the keenness of Saudi Aramco towards the participation of the private sector and in the development of current and future projects planned by the company.

Saudi Tabreed founded in 2005, is majority owned by the Arabian Company for Water and Power Development (ACWA Holdings), which specializes in development of large infrastructure projects, particularly power and water projects. The other key shareholder of Saudi Tabreed is National Central Cooling Company UAE, Tabreed, which is the pioneer in development and operations of number of district cooling systems in MENA region.

Saudi Tabreed Alliance win a district cooling contract providing King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh having a capacity of 100 thousand tons of cooling

30 April 2009

A consortium of Saudi Tabreed and the SNC Lavalin-Canada signed a contract with Rayadah investment company (RIC) , the developer of King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh, a contract to design and build a district cooling services for the air-conditioning systems of the office towers at the King Abdullah Financial District including the operation and maintenance of the system for a period of ten years.

The total capacity of the project (100) thousand tons of refrigeration, and is the largest of its kind in the Kingdom. The project will be implemented in two phases the capacity of each stage is Fifty thousand tons of refrigeration, and the first phase will be commissioned in the first quarter in 2011, the second phase will be commissioned in the first quarter in 2012.

GCC countries witnessed over the past decade a significant expansion in the field of district cooling services for air conditioning of offices and residential towers as this technique provide gains from economic, environmental, performance applications of this technology resulted from the substantial saving in power consumption (up to about 40%) in comparison with the conventional air-conditioning systems also this technique use refrigerants that are consistent with the environmental standards imposed by the United Nations (Kyoto and Montreal) protocols reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide to preserve the ozone layer surrounding the atmosphere, in addition this technique uses treated sewage water to be in line with the standards of green buildings imposed by the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED).

District Cooling in brief is to produce a low temperature water from central station of industrial chillers of large capacity and distributed through a network of pre-insulated pipes and connected to each building via heat exchangers to reduce the temperature of the water used for air-conditioning in the building and retrieved the high temperature water to the central station to re-cooled and then pumped back to the network.

Saudi Tabreed is a closed joint stock company owned mainly by ACWA Holdings which specializes in the development of infrastructure in many areas, and National Central Cooling UAE which is one of the largest companies specialized in the development and operation of district cooling schemes in the world, Tabreed owns 44 station with capacity of more than 449 thousand installed tons of refrigeration and is found in a number of the GCC states.

Saudi Tabreed recently signed a similar contract to develop the cooling system for the Saudi Aramco company to serve the company premises in Dhahran having cooling capacity of 3,2000 tons, and the company is currently working to develop similar projects in Medina, Jeddah and Makkah.

HE Mr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Abu Nayyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Tabreed announces that “The company is proud to participate in the infrastructure works for King Abdullah Financial District, which is one of the most important and strategic projects in the Kingdom which includes all the important financial and economic institutions. And also reflects the awareness of the Rayada Investment Company officials for the importance of environmental and economic impacts of such modern technology resulted from the reduction in power consumption needed to run air-conditioning systems, which normally consumes an average of 70% of the electricity for the buildings”.

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